Always room for improvement…

I’ve just been checking out the social media accounts of a potential employer/client. It’s always interesting to see how other people run their accounts, what their posting style is, the type of content they produce and how their brand presents itself. In this case, their Facebook use is pretty strong, with some good Like numbers. The picture on Twitter isn’t quite so good, with little engagement and not as many Followers as you might expect. They have some good brand identity though (no, I’m not saying who it is) so there’s plenty of potential. What someone in my position can’t know is the data behind those accounts. A Tweet advertising an end of season sale that gets no RTs or Favourites might seem like a wasted effort, at least to a casual observer, but using analytic tools it’s possible to see how many people have followed up by clicking on the link contained in the Tweet. Although Twitter is a great tool for telling people about your product, what really matters is whether you can persuade them to buy what you offer…

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