I have different ways of pricing, depending on what you need.


Tell me what you need. I’ll work out how long it will take and give you a fixed price.  Payment will be half up front and half when it’s finished and you’re happy. If I under estimate how long it will take, that’s my problem, not yours. I’ll finish the work and charge you what we agreed. If I’ve over estimated then I’ll only charge you for the time I took. You’ll see the difference on the final invoice. My minimum charge is for a 1/4 of a day.

Social media

If you want me to run your accounts, that will cost a minimum of two days work per month. For that I’ll cover two related accounts. In practice you’ll get more than two days work out of me, because I want your accounts to thrive and I’ll put in as much effort as it takes.

Staff training is a speciality. I will provide a package of training and support for your staff. I’ll also work with them to develop a social media strategy to make sure your accounts reach out and grab people.

Comms  & marketing support

If you need help with general communications I’ll need to be based in your premises so I can link up with your staff. I’ll charge you per day.

I’m flexible, easy going and reasonable. Get in touch, tell me what you need and we can come to a sensible arrangement.

07599 648769