Get the Facebook Newsfeed you really want

We all use Facebook, because that’s where our friends are. But we also hate Facebook, because our newsfeeds are full of random crap, chosen by The Algorithm. Do you really need to be told your friends have Liked the Big Hairy Sp*der Sanctuary’s Page, picked a fight on the Daily Mail’s Page or been tagged by someone you don’t know?

Help is at hand.

This is an easy workaround to help you see your friends’ posts, without a load of algorithmic clutter. This method is based on using a standard laptop running W10 and Firefox.

  1. Make sure you’re looking at your Home page (the one with your Newsfeed on). On the left of the page should be a list of options under the heading ‘Explore’. Click on Friend Lists.
  2. Now you should see a box titled Friends. Click Create List.
  3. In the Create New List box which pops up, name your list and start adding friends. You have to start typing before FB offers friends to add – the easiest way is to work through the alphabet, type ‘a’, add all your friends starting with ‘a’ and so on.

To access the list, simply repeat the first stage and click on your list (on image 2 it shows as Friends, because I didn’t have the imagination to call it something different). You now have a simple timeline of your Friends’ posts. As an added bonus it shows in chronological order. Your friends can’t see your lists so you can easily use them to filter and group your friends without worrying about inadvertently offending anyone.

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