Fun, fun, fun!

There’s a naughty secret to successful comms and social media….

People in the business are very good at telling potential clients and peers why ‘You Must Do These Ten Things’ to achieve Goal X, whether it’s getting people to read your blog, follow you on Twitter or engage on some whizzy new platform that only they can tell you how to use. Sometimes the tips they offer are useful, but mostly it’s just the blindingly obvious presented in a way that’s designed to scare you into the arms of the nearest comms guru (for money, naturally).

What you won’t hear so often is that it should be fun, and if you’re enjoying yourself, there’s a decent chance that your audience is too. If you communicate with passion and enthusiasm it shows and on digital platforms that’s good hard currency.

I posted about having fun on social media on the Comms2Point0 blog (THE go-to blog for local govt types). Oh and here are a couple of reviews I wrote for where I decided to just let rip and enjoy myself.

Mug review

Bottle opener review

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